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                  Oberon, Sydney Australia - Friday, 19 April - 12:06am OberonAustralia.com

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                  Oberon13.1°C Fog then sunny

                  It's Autumn

                  High Country Autumn... spectacular changes of colour in the cool climate trees which abound in the streets, parks & gardens... early frosts... country roads flanked by Poplars brushed in pure gold... fresh mountain air... mushroom season starts ... come on up!"

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                  What's New

                  Simply Spectacular World Heritage

                  At 1,113m, Oberon is the highest town in the Blue Mountains region. It is the perfect hub from which to explore a multitude of unique attractions, towns & villages, including Jenolan Caves and Kanangra-Boyd National Park. With four distinct, idyllic seasons and the most beautiful scenery in rural NSW, a visit to the region will reward & delight.

                  Oberon Festivals

                  Autumn in the tablelands brings the first promise of change and with it some interesting Cool Events. Mushrooms can be discovered in the forests, nights are becoming cool with days perfect for walking or mountain biking. Winter brings occasional snow with comfort food around cosy fires and the chance to hunt for truffles - black gold or be part of Yulefest at Jenolan Caves.
                  Check out the full range and detail of the Cool Events more information »

                  Have You Visited

                  Edith School House Unique AccommodationThis is the perfect getaway for some fresh crisp clean air to Oberon Jenolan Caves Waldara Mayfield and lots moreView Edith School House »